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Apr.09.2012Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School Enjoys All Aspects of “The Jiffy-tite Advantage”

Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School Enjoys All Aspects of “The Jiffy-tite Advantage”

Whether you are at the track racing yourself or conducting a drag racing school class, situations arise in which time is of the essence and when you need to make a quick repair or swap that involves disconnecting and reconnecting hose and fittings, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School has found time and again that Jiffy-tite fittings are worth their weight in gold.

Jiffy-tite’s revolutionary Quick Connect Fluid Fittings provide unsurpassed performance under extreme racing conditions. Made of lightweight, 6061-T6 aluminum, brass valves, and stainless steel ball bearings, they are corrosion resistant for extra-long life.  Jiffy-tite quick-connect fluid fittings are reliable and durable.  Tested and race-proven to be leak proof at up to 200 psi.

“We have been using the products for a long time,” said Frank Hawley. “When we do maintenance on our race cars, whether it is fuel systems or transmissions, time is always critical and the faster we can get something apart and replaced or serviced, and back into service the better it is for everybody.  We have found over the years that Jiffy-tite products just flat save time.  They are strong and reliable parts that even look good and I can’t even imagine not having them on our cars.”

“When we work with race teams the most important question we ask pertains to the type of fuel being used,” said Duane LaFleur, Jiffy-tite Company, Inc. Motorsports Manager.   “Our product comes standard with a Viton Fluorocarbon seal which is compatible with fuels except Alcohol and Nitro Methane.  We suggest a Buna Nitrile seal for Alcohol and EPDM for Nitro methane.  Besides the type of fuel being used our standard Viton Fluorocarbon seals will work with most water, oil, and transmission applications.  Jiffy-tite quick connect fittings can be used in just about every location on your vehicle.”


“Jiffy-tite has worked with FHDRS for the past 6 years and has a great relationship with Frank and his entire staff,” LaFleur continued.  “The entire operation is top notch and we at Jiffy-tite enjoy surrounding ourselves with quality people.  With the number of runs that are put on these class cars at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, the information and feedback we get is very helpful.  The school is working on these cars day in and day out connecting and dis-connecting over and over and for our connectors to withstand this type of environment goes to show the quality of our products.   We are then able to pass along this type of quality products to our customers.”

“Probably the one thing that the guys just love about the Jiffy-tite fittings would be when they need to work on the transmissions and when you disconnect the hoses, the fluid doesn’t leak out all over the place,” Hawley pointed out.  “Jiffy-tite fittings save us time and help keep the school cars and shop much cleaner when we need to do our maintenance. “

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