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“My racing career began in a SG class at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School.  From the track time to the lectures…it was the most amazing experience I can remember.  I can recall the lectures to this day.  I still take them with me.  Every run.  I credit Frank and his staff for giving me the solid foundation to becoming the racer I aspire to be.  I still learn on every pass and learn from my mistakes.  If you aspire to Drag Race, or just want a great corporate outing, give them a call!”  Dina Parise, 2015 IHRA Summit Racing Pro Mod World Champion

“In my career as a fighter pilot, I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of thrilling things, like pulling 9Gs, dropping bombs, shooting missiles, getting in dogfights, flying 500 knots at 500 feet above the ground and going supersonic more time than I can count. However, Frank Hawley’s Super Comp course easily ranks as one the most fun and best learning experiences I’ve ever had. Once you take the course, you’ll only regret that you didn’t take it sooner. Whether you’re a teacher, doctor, business person, athlete, lawyer or fighter pilot, Frank will make you better at what you do, and he’ll make you a better drag racer too.”  Matt Reynolds, F-16 Pilot

“I am writing to let you know that I feel your instruction was right up there with some of the best I have ever received.  In my line of work as a pilot, I have had the pleasure of receiving instruction from some very talented individuals over the years.  I have been exposed to dozens of instructors during my career, and I consider your delivery and presentation to be on par with the best of them.  You simplify complex concepts, and do so while communicating in a very effective way – no wasted time.  And your ‘life lessons’ on the second day was very impactful – stuff I will carry with me from now on.  Bottom line- I came down there to learn to drive a drag car, but i left with much more than that.”  Patrick Nolta, Pilot

“Both Susan and I are University Professors and therefore tend to be a little critical of instructors.  Frank was as good as you can be as an instructor.  He conveyed complicated concepts clearly and understandably while at the same time keeping the classroom atmosphere light and entertaining.  We loved the course and plan on returning!”  Bob and Susan Andrews, University of Toronto
“I went to the school thinking I was going to become a better drag racer but I honestly feel that I left the school a better person.  A lot of the classroom lessons were very motivational and can be used in all aspects of life, not just racing.  I would like to thank Frank for the awesome instruction.  I know that my daughter will be attending Frank’s class to achieve her Super Comp license soon and get some very good life lessons from an outstanding teacher!” ~Jim Denison
“The combination of the class, driving and video critique following driving was a perfect way to solidify improvement of the racing experience.  The cars performed well and it is hard for me to imagine what a 6-second run, needless to say 4-seconds, is like.  Frank has an unusual way of combining the racing experience with physiology and psychology.  When I signed up for the course, I had no idea that this was a course on the power of positive thinking or concentration and attention.  He is incredibly perceptive and observant, all of which enhanced what I got out of the experience.” ~Bob Fenton, Physician, Corporate Pilot
“We were truly amazed at how many parallels there were between all that Frank was saying and all that I have experienced in my martial arts journey.  Dragons in the martial art world are known for their fierce power and vast wisdom and to be a successful racer, you must have wisdom.  In martial arts you learn that distractions do not exist and concentration can be laser-focused.  The school was just a great experience and I learned so much from Frank.” ~ Andrea Coddens, Kung Fu Instructor
“Frank is an amazing teacher and has just the most incredible grace with people.  Obviously he’s extremely knowledgeable and it never felt like he was talking down to anyone.  The more time I was in the classroom, the more I wanted to be there.  The amount of knowledge you could pick up in two days was just incredible.  I couldn’t think of anything better for someone to experience.  There were so many parts that just fascinated me and the volume of info he has is just amazing.” ~ Steven Andersen, Fine Art Master Printmaker
“The mental part of drag racing, all the concentration and everything else Frank touched on in relation to being successful, that was easily the best part of the course and not only for drag racing, but for your own personal life.  I’ve already put some of what Frank taught us into my own training and curriculum.  It was very, very good.” ~ Chuck Bradshaw SWAT Firearms Instructor
“The outlook and motivation gained from your discussions were incredibly uplifting. My management team gained confidence and has a full expectation of success. I can’t thank you enough for your inspiration and insight.”  ~ Bill Purmort, Chairman of the Board and President Central Insurance Companies
“I have been to many Motivational Speaking Engagements and Sales Seminars. None near as informative as yours in my 30 year business career.”  ~ Mark Harrison, Managing Partner ID Martin Automotive Group
“Your knowledge and presentation of philosophy, psychology and physiology far exceeded my expectations. I have come away from the program with a greater understanding of myself. I will carry the lessons learned with me throughout my professional and personal life.” ~ Stephen Spaulding
“As professional pilots we attend at least two recurrent schools a year so after 30 years I consider myself a pretty good judge of classroom quality. Your instruction is second to none!” ~ Thad D. Mancil
“I have been fortunate in my military service to receive a first rate education. In comparison, your program certainly would rank among the best instruction I have ever encountered.”  ~ Richard Johnston, Lt. USN
“You taught me so much about life, other people and even myself. Do you think you could get your message out to the other 300 million people in the U.S.?” ~ Bob Pearson
“You possess the perfect blend of qualities and traits which make an excellent teacher.” ~ James Garner
“I walked away from the program a better person. Frank’s instruction was incredible. I have become smarter, sharper and more disciplined.” ~ Paul Ziajski 
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