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Professional Endorsements

fh_pro_pic19_lgErica Enders-Stevens

I’ve been to Frank’s a few times driving everything from his Super Comp Cars to his Top Alcohol Funny Car.  His course, his staff, his lectures and his equipment are the best.  If you want to get started in racing you need to go to Frank Hawley’s.




fh_pro_pic03_lgGreg Anderson

“Frank is without question the most  knowledgeable person I’ve ever met when it comes to racing psychology and physiology.  His degree of research and knowledge is amazing.



fh_pro_pic02_lgTony Schumacher

“I started at Frank’s in his Alcohol Funny  Car class .  It was a great program and got me started in the right  direction.  I’d recommend his course to anyone.  I always say you’re  only as good as the people you surround yourself with and Hawley’s  School is a heck of a place to start.”




John Force

“Frank and I have been friends for years.  His school is top notch and a first class operation. Each one of my  team drivers, Robert Hight, Mike Neff and all my daughters, Courtney, Brittany and Ashley all started at Frank’s school…”




Larry Dixon

When I got a chance to drive for Don Prudhomme, I wanted to be  prepared.  Frank worked with me and got me up to speed.  If you want to  go racing… go see Frank first!



Anton Brown

“The information I received at the School from Frank has  improved my life professionally and personally. Everyone that wants to  improve their mind and their skills should take this course.”


Ashley Force

I attended Frank Hawley’s School when I was 16 and had an absolute blast!  I grew up around drag racing, but to actually get suited up and fly down the drag strip at 150+ mph was an awesome experience that I would recommend to anyone who loves racing and speed!


Robert Hight

I am often asked how come it looks like I know what I am doing in a fuel  funny car and my answer is I listened to everything Frank Hawley told  me.  I do not have natural talent.  Frank’s instruction on how to drive a  Super Comp car is exactly what you need to drive a Funny Car.  If you  have the desire and listen to Frank you too can drive any type of race  car.  Honestly I think the classroom part of the course is much more  important than the racetrack part of the course.  He is the most  thorough teacher I have ever met.


Tony Pedregon

I’ll be honest; the first time I left the line in Frank’s Funny Car it  scared me!  But with his patient instruction and encouragement I was  able to get my NHRA Funny Car license from the Hawley School and  eventually won an NHRA World Championship.  If you want to make it to  the big leagues there is no better place to go than Frank’s!


Doug Kalitta

I’d raced Sprint Cars for many years but I’ll tell you my first run in Frank’s Top Alcohol Dragster was unbelievable.  Driving his Alcohol car and getting instruction from Frank prepared me for my entry into Top Fuel.  I’d recommend the School to everyone.


Steve Torrence

It’s been a dream come true.  I went to Frank’s School and got my Top Alcohol Dragster license.  Within a couple months I was hired to drive a Top Alcohol Dragster.  Then in my first year I won the NHRA World Championship.  I never would have thought it was possible… but it is.  Thanks Frank for your help.


Brandon Bernstein

I started at Frank’s School and the program was great.  He covers everything you need to know.  The cars, the staff and the instruction exceeded my expectations.  It’s a first class program I’d recommend to everyone.


Don Prudhomme

“When I retired it was important that my  new driver was trained  properly. That’s why I sent Larry to Frank  Hawley’s Drag Racing  School.”


Melanie Troxell

Frank knows what he’s talking about.  He understands the demands placed on drivers today and is able to work with drivers at all levels from novice to Pro.  If you’re thinking about race instruction you need to go to Frank.


Whit Bazemore

It was at Frank’s school that I learned that I might have what it takes to make a career in the sport.  At Frank’s school, you learn much more than just how to drive a race car, you learn what you’re made of, and whether or not you have what it takes to achieve your own dreams.


Angelle Sampey

It’s been a few years since I went to Frank’s School and worked with him and George Bryce.  It took a few trips to the School but finally I got it.  Then a ride with Star Racing and three World Championships.  If I hadn’t taken that first step and attended the School I don’t know if any of this would have happened.  Thanks George and Frank!


Jason Line

When you’re a teammate of the World Champion you need to stay on top of your game.  Frank’s lectures cover a wide range of topics that deal with issues we face every day.  His instruction continues to help me at every race.


Tim Wilkerson

A few years ago I went to Hawley’s for the Alcohol Funny Car program and I got hooked.  The course was great, the cars were great and the instructor was great.  Now I own my own Fuel Funny Car Team and it all got started at Frank Hawley’s.


Tony Bartone

Frank’s programs are the best.  There is no comparison in equipment, staff and instruction.  I think everyone that’s even a bit interested in our sport should jump behind the wheel and try driving a dragster.  And you should do it at Hawley’s School.



Sean O’Bannon

I’d spent years racing Super Comp but a Top Alcohol Dragster is a completely different machine.  I could have got my license on my own but I wanted to work with Frank.  I heard from everyone that he was the best at training alcohol drivers.  He is and I’m glad I choose Frank Hawley’s.

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