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Frank’s Speaking Engagements

Your Instructor - Frank HawleyThose that have attended Frank Hawley’s lectures know what a great teacher and motivational speaker Frank is. He has the ability to take some rather advanced psychological principles and by using everyday language and race track analogies teach almost anyone how to reprogram their minds to eliminate fear, anxiety and doubt and replace it with calm, control and confidence. This training produces winners on the race track, in business… and in life.

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“The outlook and motivation gained from your discussions were incredibly uplifting. My management team gained confidence and has a full expectation of success. I can’t thank you enough for your inspiration and insight.”  ~ Bill Purmort, Chairman of the Board and President Central Insurance Companies

“I have been to many Motivational Speaking Engagements and Sales Seminars. None near as informative as yours in my 30 year business career.”  ~ Mark Harrison, Managing Partner ID Martin Automotive Group

“Your knowledge and presentation of philosophy, psychology and physiology far exceeded my expectations. I have come away from the program with a greater understanding of myself. I will carry the lessons learned with me throughout my professional and personal life.” ~ Stephen Spaulding

“As professional pilots we attend at least two recurrent schools a year so after 30 years I consider myself a pretty good judge of classroom quality. Your instruction is second to none!” ~ Thad D. Mancil

“I have been fortunate in my military service to receive a first rate education. In comparison, your program certainly would rank among the best instruction I have ever encountered.”  ~ Richard Johnston, Lt. USN

You taught me so much about life, other people and even myself. Do you think you could get your message out to the other 300 million people in the U.S.?” ~ Bob Pearson

“You possess the perfect blend of qualities and traits which make an excellent teacher.” ~ James Garner

I walked away from the program a better person. Frank’s instruction was incredible. I have become smarter, sharper and more disciplined.” ~ Paul Ziajski

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