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Change Your Way of Thinking!

Today, the margins of victory are tighter than ever.   Drivers must bring their best performance to the line every round.

For many years Frank Hawley has been training experienced drivers how to better control their emotional state, focus and drive more consistently.  He is, without question, the most respected drag race trainer on the planet.  During his time working with Professional drivers Frank realized that the information and training he was sharing with them on ‘improving their personal performance’ was universal.  He believed this ‘training and information’ could help almost everyone from an experienced driver to a rookie.  So Frank has included this training into the school’s Super Comp and Super Gas courses, information that was in the past,  shared only with the Pros.

The classroom sessions cover the physiology of how your mind and body work together.  Participants will learn how to mentally prepare, perform at the highest level, improve focus and block out distractions.  Frank teaches how to practice more effectively whether at the track, at the shop or at home.  He’ll share techniques on how to remove the emotional baggage (everybody has some) that can often disrupt good performance .

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