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The Dragster Adventure is a fun course specifically designed for drivers that want to “DRIVE A DRAGSTER” and maybe even compete in “SIDE-BY-SIDE” racing  without committing the time and resources required to become a licensed race car driver in one of our ‘Licensing Courses‘.  This program DOES NOT include all the classroom lectures and in-depth instruction that our 2-day Super Comp/Super Gas competition license courses include.  This course provides drivers with ‘full sized’ competition styled cars that can travel 0-60 MPH in 3 SECONDS… reach 130 MPH in the 1/4 mile… and offers “SIDE-BY-SIDE” racing!

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Length of course… 1/2 day.

Drivers make Two Runs!  (One Half-Track and… Two Full Quarter Mile Runs!)

Cost…….. $449

The Dragster Adventure Course provides drivers with a SFI approved helmet, collar, gloves, arm restraints and a FULL SFI 3.2A/5 racing suit.  Drivers will receive classroom, in-car and on-track instruction from NHRA World Champion Frank Hawley and his staff.  The Dragster Adventure course includes three runs.  The first will be an 1/8 mile run.  If a driver demonstrates skill and good judgment on their first run, they’ll follow-up with two full quarter-mile runs!  Runs in the Dragster Adventure program are single runs, giving drivers the chance to experience the adrenaline rush of driving a big block Chevy powered dragster, while preparing some for entry into the “Dragster Adventure Challenge”.

*Drivers must perform properly for full quarter mile run.

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Length of course… full day

This includes the ‘Dragster Adventure’ PLUS entry into the Dragster Adventure Challenge! 

Cost……. $649

Drivers will compete in a tournament style elimination just like the Pro drivers.  The more a driver wins…the more runs they get to make…AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

This is a REAL RACE!  Competitors in the “Dragster Adventure Challenge” will attend a drivers meeting where they’ll receive further instruction on how to compete in the “Side-by-Side” eliminations.  Topics discussed will include tips on obtaining quicker  ‘reaction times’  and more detail on the functions of the timing system.  Pairings will be set and the competition begins.  Each class will produce a champion… and bragging rights!

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