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Mar.29.2012Weldon Racing Pumps Now Providing Additional Longevity and Performance

Weldon Racing Pumps Now Providing Additional Longevity and Performance for Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School It has always remained imperative that each driver taking part in any class at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School receive the same consistent race car as the pass before. From track to track and run to run all throughout the year, there is great demand placed on the schools stable of cars to always remain at peak performance. With that in mind, school founder and instructor, Frank Hawley, takes great care when selecting the products and parts for each of the school’s cars, with the simple goal to provide the best experience possible for each future graduate. As a large part of the quest for the best parts available, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School made the switch for the Super Class cars, and their Chevy Performance 572ci power plants, to utilizing numerous products from Weldon High Performance. The changeover came after many recommendations which led to several conversations with Jim Craig, Weldon’s Racing Products Manger. When it came time to determine what Weldon High Performance products were best suited for the school’s Super Class cars, Hawley worked closely with Craig. “What I look at is engine size, horsepower, and if a power adder might be used – such as nitrous, blowers, or turbos. I also inquire about fuel type used whether racing gas, or ethanol / methanol as these two types of fuel require more flow to support the same horsepower level,” explained Craig. “We are extremely happy with the performance,” Hawley noted of the new Weldon products. “Starting and restarting the cars, the many runs that we make, so far everything has been absolutely flawless. We can’t tolerate a car going down for any reason at all, not for a week, not for a day. Just talking within the racing community, the word is out that the Weldon line of products just flat don’t have problems. They are probably the most reliable fuel delivery system that’s available in the sport today. When I heard that over and over again, it was the reliability of performance that we were looking for.” With all the locations, weather conditions and amount of runs that are put on the Hawley school cars, Craig is looking forward to learning how their products stand up to the test. “Any information that the school gains concerning our pumps’ or systems’ performance will be used to determine changes in product or configuration for future products and projects. FHDRS’ feedback will also be used to confirm Weldon’s durability and reliability in a severe racing environment – we know this be a known fact, but to have Frank’s and the FHDRS “seal of approval” will give Weldon High Performance enhanced credibility in the eyes of many drag racers who do not yet know our products.” “I believe this to be an excellent beginning to what we at Weldon view to be a very long-term relationship that will benefit all involved,” Craig added. “It will also bring the Weldon name to a whole new level of awareness with the up and coming Sportsman racer, tuner, and spectator.” “I’m impressed with the items,” admitted Hawley. “The quality, the size of the filters and just the fit and finish of everything was beyond my expectations. Another thing, at least for me getting back to the reliability, if your parent company makes pumps for jet planes, you probably have a reasonably high standard of quality. The amount of engineering expertise they have as an entire company is more than likely unmatched in the industry. “ The school cars were recently fitted with Weldon 19311-A fuel pumps, A2046 regulators along with WEQ1040CLN and WEQ1010CLN filters. Weldon is an American made product utilizing a single manufacturing facility located in Oakwood Village, Ohio. In addition to their High Performance products, Weldon also manufactures a complete line of aviation and aerospace fluid and metering pumps. FHDRS graduates receive special discounts when buying direct from Weldon High Performance. For more information on this and all available classes and locations visit or call 866-480-7223 [Outside the U.S. 678-804-8835] Also on Facebook and YouTube.

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