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This is the first year we are taking our classes to Heartland Park Topeka!  There are still seats left in both the popular 2-dayIMG_6045 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car class on September 7-8, as well as the fun Dragster Adventure on September 9.

Then we’ll be heading back to our home track of Gainesville Raceway for some 200 mph action in the Nostalgia Funny Car and Top Dragster, as well as the SC/SG/BYOC class on October 4-5.  Remember, the tuition is $500 less on the 2-day Super Comp/Super Gas program in Gainesville!

photo 1.1Mid-October we’re off to Auto Club Dragway!  In addition to a special program for the Fontana Chamber of Commerce, we’ll be running our SC/SG/BYOC class on October 19-20.  Only a few seats are left in this class.  The Dragster Adventure on October 21 has been sold out for some time, but there are still a few spots left on October 27 and October 28.

Call on our knowledgeable staff if you’re looking to earn your license, upgrade your license or get started in racing.  They will answer any questions you may have or help you reserve your seat in any of the programs we offer.  The Super Comp/Super Gas class has proved to be an incredibly good starting point for so many people who are racing! The competition license classes are taught personally by Frank Hawley and include the popular Personal Performance Development lectures. We have so many grads competing in everything from the NHRA Pro classes, NMRA, NMCA, IHRA, Jet Dragster, and local racers!

Dates for the 200 mph cars are on request and previous fast car experience is required.

Remember, pre-registration is required in all our classes and seats are limited.

Paul Shields,, 866-480-7223 x102, 904-472-6312 c

Jeff Arend,, 866-480-7223 x103, 909-973-8279 c

Here’s a list of all our upcoming class dates/locations that have openings:

August 25, 2016 Dragster Adventure, Maple Grove Raceway – Click here to book now

September 7-8, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Heartland Park Topeka – Call us to book

September 9, 2016 Dragster Adventure, Heartland Park Topeka – Click here to book now

October 4-5, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Gainesville Raceway – Call us to book

October 7, 2016 Dragster Adventure, Gainesville Raceway – Click here to book now

October 19-20, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Auto Club Dragway – Call us to book

October 27, 2016 Dragster Adventure, Auto Club Dragway – Click here to book now

October 28, 2016 Dragster Adventure, Auto Club Dragway – Click here to book now

December 6-7, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Gainesville Raceway – Call us to book

December 27-28, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Gainesville Raceway – Call us to book

December 29-30, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Gainesville Raceway – Call us to book



By Brandon W. Mudd

The Frank Hawley Drag Racing School, led by the two-time NHRA Funny Car champion, has announced the coMT_tiresntinuation of its relationship with the Mickey Thompson Tire Company, an organization built by an equally-important figure in racing history. Mickey Thompson Tires and the school first worked together in the mid-1990s when Hawley was based in Pomona, Calif., and has spent 20 years creating the top drag racing school in the world.

Begun when Mickey Thompson Tires Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ken Warner joined forces with Hawley at Pomona, the partnership has evolved into a pairing that has seen incredible benefits for both sides. Kirk Fenn of the Mickey Thompson National Accounts Business Development Department, said the relationship has had incredible rewards for them.

“Frank was looking for the best products when he was going through his suppliers with his cars for the school and it was the perfect fit for us and for Frank,” Fenn said. “It allows anyone who’s going through for certification to be exposed to the best tires that are out there for drag racing for those classes and those categories. “

“Not to mention it works very well for us for when we’re doing relationship building with clients or customers. It really helps give them some hands-on experience to better sell and speak to the product when they’re marketing it out there.”

IMG_4330Hawley, an NHRA Nationals winner in both Funny Car and Top Fuel as the pilot of the legendary Chi-Town Hustler, said Mickey Thompson Tires has been an amazing partner for the school.

“It’s always important to have great traction and a good handling race car but it’s even more important when you are learning to drive.  We’ve trusted Mickey Thompson Tires at our school for years!”

The most successful display for the two entities has been the Mickey Thompson Dragster Adventure. The program provides training at various drag strips across the country with the students racing in a Frank Hawley Drag Racing School dragster at the end of the day.

“We usually do two a year and I’ve been doing that for almost eight years and managing it for the last year and a half,” Fenn said. “We have nothing but rave reviews. People coming into it kind of skeptical in some cases, kind of ‘What is this all about?’ and after they make their first pass, they get out and get their helmet off…they’re like a little kid who’s just had their first exposure to a roller coaster.”

The Adventure has seen some amazing highlights, from its most recent winner Floyd Carter at Fontana, Calif., April 21, to a group of Navy SEALs last spring. While working with the SEALs is an unforgettable experience for both parties, the primary goal for Mickey Thompson is to provide education to customers and staff. The company also has a sizable involvIMG_5103.1ement in off-road racing and provides an all-new experience to staff members who are unfamiliar with drag racing, although that’s not always the case.

”Floyd was a great example because he runs a speed shop so he was very in touch with the product on the drag racing side,” Fenn said, “but yet, was still absolutely floored by the experience. We go into it with a high-level objective, but we fine tune it based on what we want to get out of it and how the partnership is going to grow together.”

At the end of the day, success is measured in profit and the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School has definitely provided the opportunity for the Mickey Thompson Tire Company to expand both its reach and its customer loyalty.

“It certainly provides more of a hands-on takeaway,” Fenn said. “The more familiar our customers, dealers, and the end users become with a product, the more receptive they are to talk about it and essentially, sell it. That tends to be a positive take away and going back to the Fontana event, we had customers there who have since ramped up there overall volume of Mickey Thompson product.

“That’s an easy metric to see that we’ve accomplished our goal.”


IMG_7478.1Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School is coming to Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL June 30-July 2!  “This is the first time we’ve ever brought the school to Chicago and we are really excited,” said school founder Frank Hawley.  “I spent several years living in Chicago when I was driving the Chi-Town Hustler Funny Car, so it’s good to be back.  The facility in Joliet is first class and the staff has been extremely helpful in planning our trip.”

“There are different reasons drivers attend our courses,” said school founder Frank Hawley.  “Some are looking to get a competition license while IMG_6773.cropothers just want to drive a fast dragster and check another item off their bucket list.  Every class has a combination of experienced racers and folks that have never been down a drag strip.  The course is designed to work for drivers with various levels of experience.”

There are still seats open in the Super Comp/Super Gas class on June 30-July 1.  “The two-day Super Class allows drivers of all backgrounds the opportunity to earn their NHRA competition driver’s license in the school’s Chevy Performance 572/720R equipped Super Comp Dragsters or Super Gas Firebirds.  For drivers that already have their own car, the school offers a “bring your own car” program that gives drivers the opportunity to enjoy the same driving course behind the wheel of their own race car.  No experience is necessary to take the course.

IMG_6051.1For those that are simply looking for the thrill of blasting down the quarter mile, the Dragster Adventure is offered on July 2nd.  The Dragster Adventure starts at just $399 for the half day program, or $599 for the whole day program with SIDE-BY-SIDE racing. Due to the tremendous response, the Dragster Adventure is sold out on this date, but we are taking names for cancellations.

Seats are limited and advance registration is required, so call now to reserve your seat for the June 30-July 1 competition course.

Call Jeff Arend at x103 or Paul Shields at x102 at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, 866-480-7223 or visit the school’s website at for all the upcoming dates and locations.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram!


IMG_5637.cropWith over a dozen locations on the schedule we hope almost everyone in the country has a chance to be a part of one of our programs.  “We’ve added new locations like Route 66 Raceway in Chicago, Illinois and  Woodburn Dragstrip in Woodburn, Oregon in addition to all of our regular stops,” said Hawley.  “The next several weeks we’ll be running classes at our home track in Gainesville, Florida and then our crew will be heading west with stops in Tucson and Fontana. We’ll be almost everywhere!”

So if your goal is to join the list of successful Hawley grads in one of the school’s world class Licensing Programs or just have a blast racing against your friends in one of the school’s Dragster Adventure Programs, 2016 will be your best opportunity ever!

Go to or call 866-480-7223 for your ticket to excitement!

Click here for our calendar of dates & locations.  Remember, pre-registration is required at all of our classes.

Here’s a taste of the Dragster Adventure:

Contact Paul or Jeff  with your questions or to book your class!

 Paul Shields,, x102

Jeff Arend,, x103


School Christmas Drawing by Brando-webWe are very grateful for all the friendships and relationships we have made in the past and we look forward to making many more!  Thank you for your support and patronage!  We wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Merry Christmas from Frank, Lana, and our team!

Luke 2:9-11 – And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them…And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.


Please check our website for a class near you!


Scroll down to watch our new video on the Dragster Adventure Challenge!  If you’ve already seen it, please share it with friends! Experience the excitement and thrill of side-by-side racing in the Dragster Adventure program!  Prices start at $399 and no racing experience is necessary.  This is a great program for individuals, groups or company outings!  Great gift idea, too!

Attend one of our scheduled dates or we can design a special program for your group at your track!

If you’re seeking higher speeds, advanced training and a competition racing license, try one of the School’s Competition Licensing Courses.  Give us a call at 866-480-7223 and Paul Shields x102 or Jeff Arend x103 will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please “like” Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School on Facebook and keep up with us on Google +, Twitter and Instagram (Frankhawleydrs) too!





photo 6.1webThe premiere episode of the brand new series, “Jay Leno’s Garage” debuts this coming Wednesday, October 7th on CNBC!

The show, which was filmed at the Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, CA, features Drag School founder Frank Hawley and NHRA Pro Stock champ Erica Enders helping Jay find the fast way to the finish line in a Super Comp dragster!

“When the show’s producer called and asked if I’d be interested in helping Jay Leno learn to drive a Super Comp Dragster I said absolutely, witJLENO 020.webhout even asking for details,” said Frank Hawley.  “I grew up watching Leno…I’m a really big fan.  They teamed me up with one of our former grads and a good friend, Erica Enders.  Erica is so talented, it was great working with her,” said Hawley. “Jay’s love of cars is genuine and he made it very comfortable for Erica and me.”

“Frank and I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Jay.  He’s a great guy and his love for cars matched ours.  We had a lot of fun.  I JLENO 055.webhope everyone watches the show.” said Erica.

So how did Jay do behind the wheel?  You’ll have to watch the show to find out!

Remember…this Wednesday, October 7th, 10:00 pm EST on CNBC!

You can catch a glimpse of the segment at the 1:22 mark in the extended preview link below…


Hawley and Hughes.  Two iconic names in the sport of drag racing will begin working together this November wheJim Hughes (2)n Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School begins classes at the new Tucson Dragway.

“We’re really excited to be offering classes in Tucson,” said school owner Frank Hawley.  “I already knew that Tucson had a great drag strip but as soon as I heard that Jim Hughes was taking charge of the racetrack I grabbed my phone, called him and asked if we could be a part of his new venture.  Jim has both an amazing history in our sport and an impeccable reputation.  He is a world championship-winning driver, successful businessman and a true friend to the sportsman racer.  Jim and his team will do a fabulous job working with everyone from the fans to the racers and of course our mutual marketing partners,” added Hawley.

“We have had Hawley_BB_-019-cdremarkable interest since announcing that we will be taking over the operation here in Tucson,” stated Hughes. “I was flat blown away when Frank called and expressed his interest in immediately partnering with The New Tucson Dragway and couldn’t be more excited about collaborating with a fellow world champ, working with him and learning from him and his staff.”  Hughes went on to state.

In Tucson the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School will be offering both the Dragster Adventure programs and the Competition Licensing programs.

The Competition Licensing courses have started the careers of thousands of today’s racers.  In these courses the drivers are trained and certified to drive race cars as quick at 7.50 ET.  Participants choose to drive either the S/C dragsters or the S/G door cars.  These courses also include Hawley’s popular seminar on “Personal Performance Development” which combines elements of psychology and physiology in an informative and entertaining way to help each student reach their maximum potential.

The Dragster Adventure programs are for individuals, groups or companies that are seeking a fun, high energy experience.  This course puts drivers at the controls of a real dragster and gives them an opportunity to race in a heads-up “side-by-side” 130 mph competition with other students!  The Adventure cars are equipped with automatic transmissions making them user friendly for a wide range of drivers.

“We can’t wait to get started in Tucson this November.  The weather will be awesome, the track will be great and the Tucson team will be ready.  We’d love you to join us!” said Hawley.

Class dates for Tucson are this November with the Competition Licensing Course on November 19-20, 2015 and November 21, 2015 for the Dragster Adventure.  For more information on the school or to schedule a class visit or call 866-480-7223.


photo 9.1 cropWe just added a couple new Dragster Adventure dates and a brand new location.  We’ll be at Tri State Raceway in Earlville, Iowa on Saturday, October 17th!  Wow, that’s just a couple weeks away!  So if you’re in the area it will be your last chance this year to do some drag racing.  Tri State Raceway is just north of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Go to or call us to sign up for some side-by-side drag racing excitement in one of our Adventure Dragsters.

Also, we’ve added a Dragster Adventure program at our home track in Gainesville, Florida on Saturday, November 14th!  So if you’re in the South, come and join us for the beautiful fall weather and some HOT action on the track.




FB_IMG_1429037151637If there is any underlying theme in motorsports, it’s family. Mothers and fathers pass down a love of speed to their children, often three and four generations down the line. When drag racers pass through Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, regardless of the venue, it is often with parents or children in tow.

Haley James is an 18-year-old drag racer from Albuquerque, NM who caught the bug from her dad, Dwayne. When she wasn’t watching him make passes, she was in the passenger seat of his street cars as he went down the track. Her dad taught her how to drive a golf cart at age 5 and by the time she was 11 she was in a Jr. Dragster.

Fast forward a few years later as she continued to watch her father race in the National Mustang Racers Association. DwayneIMG_17064817828644 asked if she would be interested in getting behind the wheel again. With no hesitation, she said “Yes!” and as a Christmas present, she was enrolled in Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School.

“It was great!” Haley said regarding her experience with the school. “I learned so much there. Honestly, I assumed that the school was going to be super basic knowledge of things that I already knew since I had been involved in drag racing my whole life, but it wasn’t at all. I learned so many things I didn’t know before and Frank truly is a great teacher, very wise, and gives honest advice.”

Not only does Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School provide knowledge and experience in motorsports, it strengthens those family bonds, even for already tight-knit families like the James.

5-Haley-James-Coyote-Modified“Haley and I have always been close when it comes to these kinds of activities,” Dwayne said, “but now she truly understands the rigors and stress of chasing championships and speed records.  That in itself has made our bond tighter.”

For Haley, the school and spending time on the road racing has taught her about a new family. “As far as my racing family,” she said, “it brings us closer because racing is how we bond and have fun and is also when we want to kill each other.”

The future looks very bright for Haley, currently the points leader in the NMRA Coyote Modified class. She has been in the winner’s circle at three of the events and runner-up at the other two. If she earns that title, it will make her both the youngest and the first female to hoist the big trophy at the end of the season.

“I see drag racing as being in my life forever,” she said. “I won’t be able to race every season, all six races, every year forever because of college and whatever my career may be, but there’s no doubt in my mind that I will race the rest of my life one way or another.”

Dwayne continues to watch his daughter race the 1320 in addition to running his own team and he will forever tout the benefits and the lessons learned from the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School. “Frank and his school are awesome!” he said. “His staff was courteous and professional. Frank’s insight into drag racing and life was well worth the trip.”

“I have and will continue to tell not only new drivers but experienced drivers that they should go to the school.”

Visit to see when they’re at a race track near you!  Call them at 866-480-7223 with your questions and to sign up!

Upcoming dates for the 2-day Super Comp or Super Gas license class (like Haley attended):

September 15-16 at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis, MO

October 6-7 at Auto Plus Raceway in Gainesville, FL

October 21-22 at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, CA

November 10-11 at Auto Plus Raceway in Gainesville, FL

December 1-2 at Auto Plus Raceway in Gainesville, FL

December 29-30 at Auto Plus Raceway in Gainesville, FL

Follow Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School at:

Facebook at,

Twitter @frankhawleydrs



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