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Make the most of Frank Hawley’s legendary lectures and incredible insights by bringing the School straight to your local drag strip for the ultimate learning experience!

That’s right – now you can attend the famed Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School at your home track, drive your very own vehicle, and receive real-time feedback and instruction specific to your individual needs.

Fine-tune your program with advice and guidance from the experts while maximizing Hawley’s priceless lessons, all without the expense or hassle of having to haul to a distant location and earn your competition license behind the wheel of your car. This unique opportunity gives you the benefit of immediately transitioning your newfound insights into real-world advantages!

Enjoy the same championship-caliber instruction from the master himself, Frank Hawley, that thousands of amateur racers, professional drivers, and countless winners have used over the years to improve their skills.

Hawley and his trusted team of talented staff will be on-site at your location for the School’s famous classroom sessions, on-track segments, video reviews of runs, and expert guidance that has become the core of each licensing class.

Additionally, Hawley’s experienced staff can offer assistance with your tune-up, suspension, electronics, and more if you would like some help there, too.

This program is perfect for track operators who want to enable their racers to become better and safer competitors, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity for racers or groups of friends to get together and participate in their very own Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School at their local track!

Pricing is custom-tailored to your exact needs and varies depending on location, duration, number of attendees, and other options selected for inclusion.


For twenty years, Summit Racing Equipment has helped Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School turn dreams into reality. From grassroots-level racers looking to check a big item off their bucket lists to professional drivers hoping to hone their skills, the School has seen tens of thousands of enthusiasts blast down the drag strip – and the privilege of doing so is made possible thanks in part to Summit’s ongoing support.

Since it was founded in 1985, the School has often seen students come back for additional courses to refresh what they’ve already learned, obtain a more advanced license, or to have their children attend and follow in their footsteps. Summit teamed up with Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School in 2004 and has supplied many pieces of the operational puzzle, from mechanical and maintenance parts to driver safety equipment and more, in the twenty years that followed.

Frank [Hawley] has a great program that contributes so much to the drag racing community. It’s amazing how many champions have been through his School,” said Jim Greenleaf, Motorsports & Events Manager at Summit. “Frank is well respected, and Summit is proud to give back to the racers – the sportsmen, the DIYers, the backyarders, the dreamers – by partnering with his program.”

The partnership is a great match for all involved, as the School’s students benefit from using high-quality components, Summit benefits from getting its products directly in front of its customers, and the School’s students also benefit as well as Summit provides each and every participant with a special discount coupon which they can use at Summit Racing Equipment, the World’s Speed Shop®.

Summit is the leader in our industry. They offer the most parts at the best prices with the fastest delivery, and their customer service is the best. We know – since we rely on them for hundreds of purchases each year,” affirmed Frank Hawley, the School’s founder and owner. “We value our long-term relationship with Summit tremendously.

Over the last two decades, Summit’s commitment to supporting the drag racing community through its support of Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School has helped countless men and women achieve their goals. From experiencing the thrill of driving a dragster for the first time or dialing in their driving ability in a door car, every student of the School can feel safe and confident knowing that the best parts from Summit Racing Equipment are along for the ride.

Written by Ainsley Jacobs


For nearly forty years, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School has helped tens of thousands of aspiring and professional drag racers sharpen their skills. And, for the last twenty years as well as for the foreseeable future, Lucas Oil Products has supplied all of the oils and fluids to keep the School’s cars running reliably.

From dragsters to door cars, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School lets lucky students drive them all. As countless laps down the dragstrips can cause wear and tear on parts and equipment, it’s critical to keep each machine operating at its peak; Lucas Oil’s line of top-quality lubricants has proven to be a valued component in the School’s success.

The drivers who come through Frank Hawley’s School are the future of drag racing,” said Brandon Bernstein, Director of Partnership Marketing at Lucas Oil Products, who appreciates the fun yet safe and professional environment the School provides its attendees. “In addition to pro and sportsman racers getting to fulfill their dreams, it’s great to see that everyday individuals can come out and get a Super Comp or Alcohol license, too.”

 In the early 2000s, Lucas Oil Products partnered with Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School and the strength of the synergy has been beneficial for both entities. In addition to providing the motor oils, gear oils, additives, and lubricants to keep all of the School’s vehicles operating in top shape, the collaborative effort cultivates confidence in customers by showcasing the quality of Lucas’s products via firsthand experience.

“Lucas Oil has been a great supporter of our sport for decades and we’ve trusted their products to protect our engines for many years,” added the School’s founder, Frank Hawley.

Lucas Oil Products has officially extended its relationship with Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School into 2024 with a commitment that’s great for everyone involved. After almost two decades have gone by, Lucas and Hawley are still marching forward together to provide dream-come-true opportunities to drag racers of all ages and experience levels.



Written by Ainsley Jacobs

Where will you join us in 2024?


While we still have a few seats left in our December 2023 classes, we’re excited to let everyone know all the 2024 dates we have confirmed so far!

We’ll continue to run our 2-day SC/SG Competition License Class, along with our fun Dragster Adventure at Gainesville Raceway and most of our travel stops.  The Adventure program is a great idea for corporate groups too!  And for those wanting to move up, additional alcohol funny car and dragster dates will still be available on request at our home track in Gainesville, FL.


Gainesville Raceway  – currently scheduled – January 16-17, 2024; January 23-24, 2024;  February 6-7, 2024;  March 12-13, 2024 (after Gatornationals);  March 19-20, 2024 or March 26-27;  Dragster Adventure Dates are March 14, 2024 or March 22, 2024 – more 2024 dates coming soon!

The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway – April 22-23, 2024 and April 24-25, 2024 – SC/SG Competition License Classes

Tucson Dragway – April 30, 2024 Dragster Adventure and May 1-2, 2024 SC/SG Competition License Class

WWT Raceway – June 7, 2024 Dragster Adventure and June 8-9, 2024 SC/SG Competition License Class

Summit Motorsports Park – July 8, 2024 Dragster Adventure and July 10-11, 2024 SC/SG Competition License Class

zMax Dragway – July 24, 2024 Dragster Adventure and July 25-26, 2024 SC/SG Competition License Class

Maple Grove Raceway – August 19, 2024 Dragster Adventure and August 20-21, 2024 SC/SG Competition License Class

Call us at 866-480-7223 and talk to Jeff Arend x103 or Paul Shields x102 with any questions you have about any of our programs! 

Alcohol dates on request, although we do have some confirmed already at 

You can also purchase the Dragster Adventure online at

We look forward to seeing you at a class soon!



Arianna Brown Attends Frank Hawley’s, Follows Family Traditions on Track

Growing up in the shadow of her multi-time NHRA Top Fuel champion father, Antron Brown, 21-year-old Arianna Brown never had a problem finding her own light with which to shine. Now, Arianna is busy building the life of her dreams – and that life definitely includes a big dose of drag racing.

Arianna raced in the NHRA Junior Dragster program when she was young, but the Brownsburg, Indiana, native took a few years off in her late teens to focus on school as well as her competitive dance career. “I’ve always had an interest in racing,” explained Arianna, “but I know I can’t dance forever so I chased that first.”

Ready to move up from her half-scale dragster to a full-size competition vehicle and follow in both her father’s and her brother Anson’s footsteps as both previously completed courses at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, Arianna recently attended so that she could obtain her NHRA Super Comp license and open the door of opportunity for a future filled with fast-paced action.

Thanks to her experience in the Junior ranks, Arianna had a good handle on what to expect but still took the time to actively prepare prior to starting the 2-day Super Comp course. “I thought it would be all professionals and experienced racers, but I was happy to see it was a good mix of people – some who hadn’t touched a car ever before and some refreshing their skills, and it made me feel comfortable,” she shared of her initial experience. “Nobody realized I was Antron Brown’s daughter at first, too, which was pretty funny.”

In the classroom, Frank Hawley’s candor and comforting personality made Arianna feel right at home, too. “He made sure we knew everything before we got in the car so that we would be safe,” said Arianna. “It reminded me of how I feel with my dad.”

For her first pass on the track, Arianna was both excited as well as nervous. She related the experience to a dance routine and went through the process of completing all the steps she had learned in order, and the result was nothing short of thrilling. “It was a light switch moment for me… this is where I want to be, so why didn’t I do this sooner?” she proclaimed.

After each run, Arianna and her classmates, including Joe Maynard whose family co-owns Don Schumacher Racing’s Top Fuel team, headed back to the classroom to watch their videos and review their performances; she was surprised to see how straight she was able to pilot the dragster down the track, even while topping speeds of 160 mph.

“I remember many years ago when Antron came and drove our Alcohol dragster. He was amazingly good, considering he had never raced those cars,” reminisced Hawley. Since then, Antron has returned with two of his children and has clearly passed on his skills. “Both of them did remarkably well. Anson had immediate success, winning his first two races! I can’t wait to see how Arianna will do. I wish her well!”

Although Arianna absolutely loved the thrill of blasting down 1,320 feet of pavement and having all of the attention on her instead of on her father for a change. “I especially enjoyed Frank’s lectures on the psychology of success. I can apply those lessons and insights to all areas of my life, including dance,” she affirmed.

Looking ahead to what will assuredly be a very bright future for Arianna, the ambitious young woman hopes to both own her a dance studio and maintain a racing career on the weekends with her father’s AB Motorsports team. “I don’t think I’ll be able to die happy if I don’t try Top Fuel at least once,” she laughed. “But, for now, I’m planning to do some bracket races around the Indy area and in the Midwest with my brother.”

Written by Ainsley Jacobs.

Seats in Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School courses are limited and sell out quickly. To reserve, please call 866-480-7223! For more information on all upcoming class dates and locations, visit

Three Generations of Kalitta Family Racers Visit Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School

It was a momentous occasion as Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School hosted three generations of Kalitta family racers in July of 2023 and enabled the latest group to fast-track their own drag racing careers.

Held at the iconic Summit Motorsports Park facility in Norwalk, Ohio, Hawley’s popular NHRA Super Comp dragster licensing course welcomed future stars of the sport, veteran NHRA Top Fuel competitor, Doug Kalitta’s 22-year-old son, Mitchell, the late multi-time NHRA Top Fuel champion Scott Kalitta’s 23-year-old son, Colin, and 28-year-old Kalitta Motorsports’ Marketing Manager, Luke Fath.

The famous Florida-based drag racing dynasty also surprised School staff and attendees, as Doug brought his uncle, the legendary “Bounty Hunter” Connie Kalitta, along for a visit. Kalitta, a storied NHRA Top Fuel competitor with a list of accolades a mile long including being inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America as well as the first-ever recipient of the NHRA’s Lifetime Achievement Award, appreciated seeing the family tradition he started being passed down.

“When I was a kid, I had photos of Connie’s Top Fuel cars on my bedroom wall. I always wanted to become a professional drag racer,” remembered Frank Hawley, the School’s owner.  “Having both Connie and Doug there was a treat for everyone.”

Mitchell, Colin, and Luke all enjoyed driving the School’s Super Comp dragsters and did quite well. “They had fun and it was good to get them more seat time,” said Doug, who graduated from Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School many years ago. “Frank [Hawley] is the best at instruction and does a great job. I’d highly recommend his School to anyone that wants to drive any type of drag car.”

Although both Mitchell and Colin had driven Junior Dragsters previously, the young men were astonished by how quickly the full-size cars accelerated in comparison. Luke, too, benefitted from the eye-opening experience from a different perspective and walked away with a better understanding of what goes on behind the wheel.

“I’ve been around Top Fuel cars since I was 12 years old and have always seen Super Comp cars in the lanes, but it was intimidating to get in the car and put it on the transbrake and let go of the button,” Luke shared of how he garnered a whole new respect for Sportsman drivers when he felt the thrill of speed for himself. Plus, having his mentors Doug and Connie standing by watching made it a fairly surreal situation overall. “This really changed the way I view what these guys do. It’s addicting.”

There’s a definite interest for the next generation of Kalitta men to continue their own drag racing careers, so it’s not unlikely they may end up back at it if the right situation becomes available. “It was great to have Mitchell, Colin, and Luke attend our program,” noted Frank. “They all did a great job and I look forward to seeing them get a chance to go racing.”

Everyone in attendance, including Connie, liked their time at the track. “Connie was impressed with what Frank’s got going on and what he did for the three boys,” added Doug.

Written by Ainsley Jacobs.

For more information on all upcoming class dates and locations, visit or call 866-480-7223!

Competition License Classes at Vegas – May 1-2 or May 3-4!

One of our favorite west coast race tracks in the country is The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway!  It’s a great place to enjoy everything from restaurants, nightlife, Valley of Fire, mountains, Grand Canyon, and more AND lay down some fast runs at the dragstrip!  Drive our Super Comp or Super Gas race cars or contact us about bringing your own hot rod to class.  

Make a family trip of it and come and join us in Vegas!

Seats are limited and courses sell out quickly.  To reserve, call 866-480-7223.  Visit for all upcoming class dates and locations.

Jeff Arend, 866-480-7223 x103,

Paul Shields, 866-480-7223 x102, 

The Pawuk Family’s Legacy Continues at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School with Second-Generation Drivers

Written by Ainsley Jacobs

Having grown up at the racetrack watching their father, Mark “Cowboy” Pawuk, race in the NHRA Pro Stock ranks, siblings Kyle and Kassandra Pawuk recently attended Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School and are actively continuing their family’s drag racing legacy.

Mark and his wife, Bonnie, raised their children to be strong, independent young adults and encouraged them to pursue their passions. Kyle played football for the University of San Diego while Kassandra pursued swimming and softball. Although Mark had taken a hiatus from drag racing for more than a decade to focus on his family, both Kyle and Kassandra encouraged him to get back at it with NHRA Factory Stock – and they each wanted to give driving a try, too.

“My wife and I talked and we both wanted the kids to go to a drag racing school to get experience, but the only place I would allow them to go was Frank Hawley’s School,” stated Mark. “I attended several times through General Motors when I was racing professionally, and I knew it’s a professional, first-class operation.”

When the family realized that there was an upcoming session in mid-July of 2022 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, they seized the opportunity to finally have Kyle and Kassandra participate at a track near their homes.

Kyle, 25, works by day as a superintendent of a Cleveland-based general contractor but is still actively involved in drag racing and had already been down the track a few times in a variety of Sportsman cars. “When we showed up, I didn’t know anyone except my sister. It was an interesting dynamic – we were the youngest ones there,” shared Kyle, who expected more rookie racers of his own age.

The two-day licensing school kicked off with Frank Hawley’s renowned classroom sessions where he educated students on the logistics of drag racing and the importance of the mental side of things. “It was great and they taught us so much,” Kyle added of the experience, which soon transitioned to on-track racing. “I was happily surprised that, after making a run, they would go over the details and discuss the things we could be doing better. I enjoyed learning how your brain works and how that impacts your function as a driver.”

For him, letting go of the trans brake button for the first time was a truly memorable experience. Kyle quickly got the hang of things, though, as he went from initial sensory overload to more situational awareness. “At first, it was just, hold on and go straight and hope it’s okay,” he laughed. “By the end, I had a better feel of where the car was on the track, what it was doing, and what I was doing as a driver.”

Kyle was able to drive both a Super Comp dragster and a Super Gas door car. Although he enjoyed piloting a dragster for the first time, he prefers the greater challenge that an enclosed door car provides due to the limited visibility.

“Overall, it was a great experience and I was fortunate to be able to attend Frank Hawley’s School,” affirmed Kyle, who is already hard at work building his own Chevrolet to run in Super Gas in the near future. “Learning from some of the best in the sport was huge, and everyone was very helpful.”

Kassandra, however, had never been down the drag strip at all – despite having worked in hospitality and social media for years with many of NHRA’s top-tier teams.

“The classroom was excellent and then it was time to get in the car… I wasn’t nervous about racing until I did it!” confessed the 27-year-old. Although she admittedly struggled with stress, it was thanks to the support and encouragement of both the School’s staff and her fellow classmates that Kassandra was able to push through and persevere in the School’s Super Comp licensing course. “By day two, it was totally different and I had a lot of fun.”

For her, enjoying the experience was secondary to being able to more accurately understand what her client-drivers go through on a day-to-day basis. Kassandra was pleased to expand her working knowledge from behind the starting line to behind the wheel, too, which will ultimately strengthen her career.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in a car or never raced at all like me… if you have the chance to attend the Frank Hawley School – do it!” asserted the media professional.

“I’ve known Mark for many years and have great respect for him as a racer, businessman, and parent. Mark and Bonnie should be very proud of Kyle and Kassandra. These are bright kids that will do very well in any profession they choose,” said school founder, Frank Hawley.

With both Kyle and Kassandra having excelled during their time at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, their father, Mark, is thrilled to see the second-generation racers following in his footsteps. His parents were there to encourage his drag racing endeavors, and he is honored to now be able to do the same for his children. “I got goosebumps seeing them run,” he said. “I don’t know where their paths will go, but if I’m on the starting line watching, then Bonnie and I will be pretty lucky.”


Competition license classes!  There are only a few seats left in the second class at Maple Grove Raceway on August 24-25.  In September we’ll be at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for classes on September 12-13 or 14-15.  Drive our race cars or contact us about bringing your own to class in these 2-day programs.  In addition to on-track time and video reviews, the classroom sessions cover the physiology of how your mind and body work together.  Participants will learn how to mentally prepare, perform at the highest level, improve focus and block out distractions.  Frank teaches how to practice more effectively whether at the track, at the shop or at home.

Following Reading & Vegas, we’ll be running classes all fall, winter & spring at our home track in Gainesville.  We have lots of dates starting with September 29-30 at Gainesville Raceway, so check out all of the class dates & locations at

If you’re looking to upgrade your license to the 6.50 range in the Funny Car or Dragster, we schedule those dates on request at Gainesville Raceway.  There are a number of dates available, so call Paul Shields or Jeff Arend at 866-480-7223 now to get on the calendar.

We should have some 2023 Gainesville class dates on the website soon, so keep an eye on!



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Summit Motorsports Park Sets Summer Dates with Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School

Written by Ainsley Jacobs

Beloved for its family-friendly environment and pristine facilities, Summit Motorsports Park has been heralded as “America’s Racetrack” for years. The dragstrip in Norwalk, Ohio, will host Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School with two great opportunities for participants to race on the iconic track starting with the competition licensing course on July 13-14 and concluding with the School’s popular Dragster Adventure on July 15, 2022.

Students who enroll in the 2-day NHRA competition licensing course need no prior racing experience, but they will surely complete the class with plenty of it. From the basics for beginners to techniques to improve for seasoned drivers, all who attend will enjoy personal progression and will be taught fundamental skills which are crucial to success.

In addition to important classroom instruction and lectures with Frank Hawley’s valuable wisdom, students will enjoy plenty of on-track seat time in either a Super Gas car or a Super Comp dragster. Individual coaching and personalized feedback will help them move forward with quicker and faster passes down the dragstrip.

“When you mention Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, you immediately think of the Bader family and legacy. The Baders have been the shining example of how to build a successful business in our sport, starting from the top with Bill Bader and continuing through the entire organization,” stated Frank Hawley, School owner. “Bill and I have been friends for many years and it’s always a pleasure for our staff and customers to visit that facility.”

On Friday, July 15, the summer heats up as Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School’s fun and famous Dragster Adventure gives lucky attendees the chance to compete in a thrilling side-by-side drag race with no prior racing experience needed as well. For friends, families, company employees or customers, or anyone who has wanted to drive a full-sized, competition-style dragster to a speed of 130 mph and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3-seconds, participation in the Dragster Adventure program can be purchased online at (currently have waiting list for adventure).

“Frank Hawley is one of the very best and brightest in all of racing. He’s also one of the finest human beings I’ve had the privilege of meeting and I’m proud to call him friend,” affirmed Bill Bader, Summit Motorsports Park owner. “Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School is a transformational experience and one I highly recommend for racers and enthusiasts alike.”

Don’t miss the chance to make the most of the upcoming summer and race at the Bader family’s beautiful Summit Motorsports Park with Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School on July 13-15, 2022.

Seats are limited and courses sell out quickly. To reserve, please call 866-480-7223! Visit for all upcoming class dates and locations.

Jeff Arend, 866-480-7223 x103, 

Paul Shields, 866-480-7223 x102, 

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