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Apr.25.2012Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School Stable of Cars Breathe Easier with K&N Engineering

Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School Stable of Cars Breathe Easier with K&N Engineering

Much like the tens of thousands of national, regional and local sportsman racers, all across the U.S., Canada and beyond, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School continually demands a lot out of their equipment from one pass down the track to the next.  To help ensure consistency and peak performance, Frank Hawley and his staff are no different than the countless number of national, divisional and bracket champions, many of which got their start at the school; in that they are all quite selective when choosing the products they depend on to get the job done.

A major part of reliability, whether it’s street or strip, comes from a good maintenance program and that includes taking into account what needs to be done to properly protect an engine.  For many years, Frank Hawley has chosen the full line of K&N air and oil filters to handle that task for the school cars.

“We strive for each class to provide the same experience from one driver to the next, so it’s imperative that our Chevy Performance 572 engines stay in good form and part of achieving that is using K&N oil and air filters,” said Hawley. “The wrench-off filters are easier for the guys to take off and they don’t collapse.  We all know that the only two things we want going through those carburetors is our Dragon Racing Fuel and clean air.  One little rock or piece of debris can not only do a lot of damage, but it’s not a setback that we want during any of our classes.  The high-flowing K&N rechargeable air filters take care of ever having that sort of problem to deal with.”

Recently, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School added some products from one of K&N’s newer lines to their Super Class cars, the composite scoops.  The school dragsters were fitted with the 2nd Generation K&N scoop that comes with its own tray and K&N filter and while Hawley has been very pleased with the new K&N dragster scoops, it just may be the unexpected added benefit of the new K&N scoop on the school’s Super Gas car that, from an instructor’s stand point, has delighted him the most.

“Once we put the new K&N scoop on one of the Firebirds, I was pleasantly surprised how much the driver’s field of vision was broadened and that’s a very important point to note when a driver needs as much clear visibility as possible for going through their starting line procedure and being able to line up straight when staging,” explained Hawley. “The shape and design of all the new K&N scoops we installed on the cars get a lot of air in and they also seem to have a much better directional flow than other ones we have used.”

“We continue to enjoy our ongoing relationship with Frank and his school,” said Bob Harris, Series and Track Support Manager/Sports Marketing for K&N Engineering.  “We were very excited to get these scoops put to use on the school cars.  We know they are seen in many locations all over the country, by numerous racers of all levels.  K&N looks forward to the continued feedback in regards to all of our products that are put through the paces at the school.  It’s all a part of our goal to continue to produce and manufacturer the highest quality products available anywhere.”

photo 7“K&N replacement air filters and air intakes also supply us with better fuel mileage, power and performance for our the school’s fleet of tow vehicles,” Hawley pointed out. “Who wouldn’t want more power and especially better mileage with today’s fuel prices? These bolt-on products from K&N can quickly start paying for themselves.”

Again for 2012, K&N has joined the many other manufacturers that offer special discounts and more for new graduates of Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School.  More details on the graduate offer from K&N and other participating companies can be found by visiting –

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