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Frank Hawley

Back in 1987 Terry Rodgers, a financial advisor and drag racing fan, attended Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School as a gift for his birthday, and drove one of the School’s Super Comp Dragsters.  “Those 2 days with Frank Hawley was like a re-charge for my long-term career goals!  Learning how to focus, block out the enormous noise right behind your head, stay calm and most of all make correct decisions in tenths of a second, was an incredible experience,” said Terry.  The experience at Hawley’s School so impressed him that Terry enrolled his son Richard in the School as a graduation present from Law School.

“I was able to complete the Super Comp course 25 years ago, as a college graduation gift from my parents and I still have pictures from the school hanging on my office wall today.  So, when our son Kevin recently graduated from college, my wife and I thought it would be a great idea to pass down the tradition and we were proud to be able to give the same course to our son for his graduation gift.  It is an experience that creates a memory for a lifetime,” said Richard.

“When my parents told me I was getting to go to Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School I was super excited.  I knew getting to drive a dragster and continue the tradition would be a special experience.  Being able to listen to Frank’s knowledge and experience during the class was a great opportunity itself.  Not only do his lessons apply to driving a race car, but they can also be applied to everyday life,” said Kevin, the youngest member of the family.

“We’ve had many second-generation drivers attend the School but this is a milestone, 3 generations!” said Hawley.  “It’s quite a compliment to have Mother’s and Father’s believe in our programs so much to keep sending their kids.  We feel very blessed to have earned their trust.” Said Hawley.

Many thanks to the Rodgers Family for letting us help you make these lifelong memories!


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