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Here at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School we’ve been helping build successful careers and making dreams come true for a number of years!  Whether you have attended our Dragster Adventure program or one of our competition license classes, our grads are our best endorsement and we are thankful for you all!  For those that are racing, please keep us updated with your  news and we will share it on our social media.

For those out there considering attending the school, listed below are winter and spring dates at Gainesville Raceway, along with some of the travel img_6984dates that have been confirmed at Tucson DragwayAuto Club Dragway, The Strip at Las Vegas, Route 66 Raceway, Royal Purple Raceway,  Summit Motorsports ParkWoodburn Dragstrip, and Maple Grove Raceway.

There are only a few seats left in the ever popular Super Comp or Super Gas class between Christmas and New Years.  Don’t delay if you may be thinking about attending this class!

img_8288Our very knowledgeable guys, Paul Shields and Jeff Arend, are responsive to your calls, texts and emails so feel free to contact them with any and all questions you have about the school.  Whether you want to bring your own car to a class, arrange a group event, buy a gift for someone, or even treat a potential sponsor to a taste of drag racing, give them a call. Their direct contacts are listed at the end of this email.

Below is a list of confirmed class dates.  Please check back as we will be confirming other dates!  **Additional dates for Group Events, TD/NFC are on demand

Gainesville Raceway:  December 27-28, 2017 SC/SG/BYOC, January 13 Adventure (private group), January 16-17 SC/SG/BYOC, January 18 NFC, January 22 TD or NFC, February 6-7 SC/SG/BYOC, February 20-21 SC/SG/BYOC, March 20-21 SC/SG/BYOC, March 23 Dragster Adventure, March 27-28 TD or NFC.  Summer, fall & winter dates for Gainesville will be coming soon!

Tucson Dragway:  April 12-13 SC/SG/BYOC, April 15 Dragster Adventure

Auto Club Dragway:  April 18-19 SC/SG/BYOC, April 20 Dragster Adventure, April 26 Dragster Adventure (private group), April 27 Dragster Adventure, October 17-18 SC/SG/BYOC, October 19 Dragster Adventure

The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway:  April 30-May 1 SC/SG/BYOC or May 2-3 SC/SG/BYOC, October 9-10 SC/SG/BYOC or October 11-12 SC/SG/BYOC

Route 66 Raceway:  May 17-18 SC/SG/BYOC, May 19 Dragster Adventure

Royal Purple Raceway:  May 23-24 SC/SG/BYOC, May 25 Dragster Adventure

Heartland Park:  June 20-21 SC/SG/BYOC, June 22 Dragster Adventure

Woodburn Dragstrip:  June 28-29 SC/SG/BYOC, June 30 Dragster Adventure, July 1 Dragster Adventure

Summit Motorsports Park:  July 16-17 SC/SG/BYOC, July 18 Dragster Adventure (private group), July 19 Dragster Adventure

Maple Grove Raceway:  August 14-15 SC/SG/BYOC, August 16 Dragster Adventure, August 17 Dragster Adventure

Paul Shields, 866-480-7223 x102, 904-472-6312 c,

Jeff Arend, 866-480-7223 x103, 909-973-8279 c,



The world’s fastest drag racing school is coming to the world’s fastest dragstrip.  Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School will be download (1)conducting a full schedule of programs at Heartland Park Topeka September 7-9, 2016!  “I’ve raced at Topeka in both Top Fuel Dragsters and Nitro Funny Cars and I can tell you that this racetrack produces some of the best performances anywhere in the country,” said Hawley.  “We are super excited to be offering our programs to the folks in the Midwest.”

“There are different reasons drivers attend our courses,” said school founder Frank Hawley.  “Some are looking to get a competition license while others just want to drive a fast dragster and check another item off their bucket list.  Every class has a combination of experienced racers and folks that have never been down a drag strip.  The course is designed to work for drivers with various levels of experience.”

IMG_5637.cropThe two-day Super Class allows drivers of all backgrounds the opportunity to earn their NHRA competition driver’s license in the school’s Chevy Performance 572/720R equipped Super Comp Dragsters or Super Gas Firebirds.  For drivers that already have their own car, the school offers a “bring your own car” program that gives drivers the opportunity to enjoy the same driving course behind the wheel of their own race car.  No experience is necessary to take the course.

In addition to on-track time, students taking the 2-day licensing program will learn from Frank’s classroom sessions which cover the physiology of how the mind and body work together.  Participants will learn how to mentally prepare, perform at the highest level, improve focus and block out distractions.  Frank teaches how to practice more effectively, feel more confident about pulling up to the starting line and he shares techniques on how to remove the emotional baggage (everybody has some) that can often disrupt good performance.

For those that are simply looking for the thrill of blasting down the quarter mile, the Dragster Adventure is offered on photo 1September 9th.  The Dragster Adventure starts at just $399 for the half day program, or $599 for the whole day program with SIDE-BY-SIDE racing.

Seats are limited and advance registration is required, so call now to reserve your seat for the September 7-8 competition course, or book on-line for the Dragster Adventure on September 9th.

For additional information, please call Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School at 866-480-7223 or visit the school’s website at  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram!

This is the first year we are taking our classes to Heartland Park Topeka!  There are still seats left in both the popular 2-dayIMG_6045 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car class on September 7-8, as well as the fun Dragster Adventure on September 9.

Then we’ll be heading back to our home track of Gainesville Raceway for some 200 mph action in the Nostalgia Funny Car and Top Dragster, as well as the SC/SG/BYOC class on October 4-5.  Remember, the tuition is $500 less on the 2-day Super Comp/Super Gas program in Gainesville!

photo 1.1Mid-October we’re off to Auto Club Dragway!  In addition to a special program for the Fontana Chamber of Commerce, we’ll be running our SC/SG/BYOC class on October 19-20.  Only a few seats are left in this class.  The Dragster Adventure on October 21 has been sold out for some time, but there are still a few spots left on October 27 and October 28.

Call on our knowledgeable staff if you’re looking to earn your license, upgrade your license or get started in racing.  They will answer any questions you may have or help you reserve your seat in any of the programs we offer.  The Super Comp/Super Gas class has proved to be an incredibly good starting point for so many people who are racing! The competition license classes are taught personally by Frank Hawley and include the popular Personal Performance Development lectures. We have so many grads competing in everything from the NHRA Pro classes, NMRA, NMCA, IHRA, Jet Dragster, and local racers!

Dates for the 200 mph cars are on request and previous fast car experience is required.

Remember, pre-registration is required in all our classes and seats are limited.

Paul Shields,, 866-480-7223 x102, 904-472-6312 c

Jeff Arend,, 866-480-7223 x103, 909-973-8279 c

Here’s a list of all our upcoming class dates/locations that have openings:

August 25, 2016 Dragster Adventure, Maple Grove Raceway – Click here to book now

September 7-8, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Heartland Park Topeka – Call us to book

September 9, 2016 Dragster Adventure, Heartland Park Topeka – Click here to book now

October 4-5, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Gainesville Raceway – Call us to book

October 7, 2016 Dragster Adventure, Gainesville Raceway – Click here to book now

October 19-20, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Auto Club Dragway – Call us to book

October 27, 2016 Dragster Adventure, Auto Club Dragway – Click here to book now

October 28, 2016 Dragster Adventure, Auto Club Dragway – Click here to book now

December 6-7, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Gainesville Raceway – Call us to book

December 27-28, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Gainesville Raceway – Call us to book

December 29-30, 2016 Super Comp/Super Gas/Bring Your Own Car, Gainesville Raceway – Call us to book



Don’t miss out on classes for the rest of the summer!  We’re visiting some of our favorite tracks, as well as a new one.  Our photo 10.1Super Comp & Super Gas classes, as well as our Dragster Adventure programs have been filling quickly, so don’t wait.  Give Jeff Arend (x103) or Paul Shields (x102) a call at 866-480-7223 to reserve your seat now.  Advance reservations are required and seats are limited, so whether you want to earn your competition license, bring your own car to improve or upgrade your skills, or just have some fun, we’d love to help you.  You’ll learn so much more in the 2-day competition course than how to drive a race car.  Here’s a list of the upcoming school classes that still have some openings.

Gainesville Raceway, Gainesville, FL July 12-13 – Super Comp/Super Gas

Summit Motorsports Park, Norwalk, OH July 25-26 Super Comp/Super Gas

Maple Grove Raceway, Reading, PA August 23-24 Super Comp/Super Gas

Maple Grove Raceway, Reading, PA August 25 Dragster Adventure  — Click here to book now!

Heartland Park, Topeka, KS September 7-8 Super Comp/Super Gas

Heartland Park, Topeka, KS September 9 Dragster Adventure — Click here to book now!

Gateway Motorsports Park, St. Louis, MO September 14-15 Super Comp/Super Gas

Gateway Motorsports Park St. Louis, MO September 16 Dragster Adventure — Click here to book now!


Jeff Arend, x103

Paul Shields, x102



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