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If you have thought about purchasing a Chevrolet Performance LSX454R Engine, don’t delay.  Chevy is now offering an additional $1,000.00 rebate off their pricing for our grads.  Purchase a LSX454R Engine before December 31, 2017 to receive the $1,000.00 rebate.  You can combine this with the $1,000.00 rebate already offered by Chevrolet Performance, making it a total of $2,000.00 off!    Contact us directly for the rebate from the School.

Call us at 866-480-7223 for information on any of the programs offered at the School.  Jeff Arend is at x103, and Paul Shields is at x102,



By Abby Werner:  Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School continues to be the best as they train two future NHRA competitors. Austin Prock and Jordan Vandergriff are currently going through a multi-year program with Frank Hawley’s and are excited about what their future in drag racing will bring.

Austin Prock is the 21 year old grandson of Tom Prock, a former NHRA Funny Car driver, and the son of Jimmy Prock, a crew chief for John Force Racing. Jimmy Prock led John Force to his 16th championship in 2013 and is currently the crew chief for Robert Hight’s Auto Club of California Chevrolet Camaro SS Funny Car. Austin has experience racing Sprint Cars and Midgets, and works on the JFR cars as well. He is part of John Force Racing’s driver development program.

“I’ve already been through Frank’s S/C program. Up next I’m gonna test in the School’s Alcohol Funny Car.  We’re hoping to make some runs soon. We’re going to do several laps in that. And then once I get my license, I hope to start testing in a Nitro Funny Car,” explained Prock.

Jordan Vandergriff is the 22 year old grandson of Bob Vandergriff, the owner of Hedman Hedders, and the nephew of Bob Vandergriff Jr., a Top Fuel driver who has raced in the NHRA for over 20 years.

“It’s pretty exciting knowing guys like me and Austin Prock are the future of the NHRA. It’s amazing- I grew up going to the races, watching my uncle. I never thought that I would be the guy to be up next, and now that it’s happening, it’s surreal. Next up is the alcohol program. I am very excited. Hopefully I can win and carry on the family name,” said Vandergriff.

Both Prock and Vandergriff have already attended Hawley’s S/C and S/G program and agree that Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School is the best, and what they have already learned from Frank Hawley will be invaluable in their racing careers. Since Frank Hawley has trained many of the top competitors in the NHRA, they are each optimistic that the racing education they receive at Hawley’s will propel them to the top of the NHRA leaderboard.

“What I liked best about Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School was how Frank was one-on-one with each driver and after you made a lap he would take you back into the classroom and break down the run for you. Frank knew what mistakes you were gonna make before you even made them. It was cool how knowledgeable he was about the human body and your reaction times and your composure as a driver,” said Prock.

Prock and Vandergriff came to Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School to train from the best of the best. But the individual faith and support they have each received from Frank Hawley himself is another huge aspect of why they both loved the experience so much.

“Both of these young men come from strong racing families and are excellent examples of the future champions we train here at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School. I’m excited to see what they will accomplish in their racing careers, and I look forward to working with them on their journey,” expressed Frank Hawley.


Thank you to The Speed Journal for this great piece on the Dragster Adventure Challenge program!  Click on the link below for the video and article – enjoy!

We have lots of dates and locations on our calendar!  Programs coming up at Route 66 Raceway, Woodburn Dragstrip, Gainesville Raceway (year round) Summit Motorsports Park, Maple Grove Raceway, Heartland Park, Tri-State Raceway, The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Auto Club Dragway, and of course our 200 mph class dates are on demand at our home base in Gainesville, FL.

The Dragster Adventure program is great for you, your friends, your employees or your customers!

If you’re interested in higher speeds, advanced training and a racing license, check out our 2-day competition license program. This has been the start for so many people in ALL categories of drag racing!

Contact us for info on any of our classes!  Seats are limited and advance registration is required.

Paul Shields,, 904-472-6312 cell

Jeff Arend,, 909-973-8279 cell




While going through our old photos recently, I came across the article Craig Vetter had written for Playboy, in the April 1988 issue, “At Ludicrous Speed”.   Our 200+ MPH program has changed quite a bit in format since then, but this article has always been a favorite of mine and hope you will enjoy it too!  Click on the link below to read.

At Ludicrous Speed – Playboy – Craig Vetter Article April 1988


Contact us for questions or information on any of our programs!

Paul Shields,, 866-480-7223 x102, 904-472-6312 cell

Jeff Arend,, 866-480-7223 x103, 909-973-8279 cell


Many of our grads are out there racing, and we really appreciate it when they share their news with us.  This newsletter will showcase just a few of them!  So, if you haven’t sent us your news and pictures of your hot rod, please do!  We’ve helped many people get into racing as well as help experienced racers improve, so call us at 866-480-7223!

Jim Petrecky ~~ “There were many times during the season that I remembered lessons from class and they helped me prepare, perform and improve.”  Jim attended the School in 2016, so last year during his rookie season he won a race and qualified as a Lebanon Valley Dragway track representative for the Division 1 Bracket Finals where he went 4 rounds.


Chuck Weck ~~ “The school exceeded my expectations in most every way…I intend to recycle some of Frank’s stuff and use with our performance based sales staff…I do think I will be a better driver this season with Frank’s instruction and certainly calmer in the seat.”  Chuck and his daughter Carly attended the school recently.  Chuck is an experienced racer, having run 8 and 9 second cars and an Outlaw Pro Mod.

Jordin DeWald ~~ “When I started racing I referred back to what I learned in the class to help me out on top of my dads help.”  Jordin licensed in both super gas and super comp at Royal Purple Raceway and she is now racing a 2001 S-10 that runs 10.60s along with a 1937 Chevy truck in Super Gas.

Jeff Bragg ~~ “Your class exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your family for the two days. I feel that by implementing knowledge and instruction that I received, it will allow me to develop and practice in order to safely compete.” Jeff recently attended the School and will be fielding a new COPO!

Rich Gregorski ~~ “Two important things I learned – I have much work to do both with my skills and my car… I found your class sessions very interesting…many things you spoke about can be used in business as well as life.” Rich attended the school a few years ago and drove one of our SG cars and also brought his car back to the program.  His car was featured in National Dragster a couple years back.

Jim & Jimmy Mallare ~~ Father and son attended December 2014 and Jim (dad) is racing Top Sportsman with his Camaro and Jimmy is bracket racing his Firebird!


Contact Paul Shields or Jeff Arend for info on any of our classes or to register!  Classes coming up at Royal Purple Raceway, The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Gainesville Raceway, Route 66 Raceway, Woodburn Dragstrip, Summit Motorsports Park, Maple Grove Raceway and more!  Pre-registration required in all programs and seats are limited.  Visit our website at for all our class dates and locations.

Paul Shields –, 904-472-6312 cell

Jeff Arend –, 909-973-8279 cell


With such great locations on the schedule we hope almost everyone in the country has a chance to be a part of one of our programs.  “We’ve added The Strip at Las Vegas to the schedule in addition to returning to our many of our favorite tracks at Tucson, Fontana, Chicago, Houston, Woodburn, Norwalk, Maple Grove, Topeka and Earlville” said Hawley.  “The next several weeks we’ll be running classes at our home track in Gainesville, Florida and then our crew will be heading west with stops in Tucson and Fontana. We’ll be almost everywhere!”

So if your goal is to join the list of successful Hawley grads in one of the school’s world class Licensing Programs or just have a blast racing against your friends in one of the school’s Dragster Adventure Programs, please join us in 2017!

Go to or call 866-480-7223 to speak to Paul Shields (x102) or Jeff Arend (x103).

Click here for our calendar of dates & locations.  Remember, seats are limited and pre-registration is required at all of our classes.

Here’s a taste of the Dragster Adventure Program which is great for you, your friends, your customers or your employees!  And you can book your seat on-line here!

And here’s some footage of a SC license run during the competition program:

Lots of dates are available for the the 200 mph classes, but these dates are on request, so call us to discuss upgrading your license in the dragster or funny car!

Upcoming class dates:

Gainesville Raceway SC/SG/BYOC competition license: February 14-15; February 28-March 1; March 21-22;  May 30-31; July 11-12;  September 26-27; November 7-8; December 5-6; December 27-28

Gainesville Raceway Dragster Adventures:  March 23; March 24 (sold out); December 1

Tucson Dragway: April 6-7 for SC/SG/BYOC competition license class and April 8 for the Dragster Adventure

Auto Club Dragway SC/SG/BYOC competition license classes: April 12-13; October 18-19

Auto Club Dragway Dragster Adventure dates: April 14, April 15, April 21, April 20, April 26, April 27

Royal Purple Raceway: May 10-11 for SC/SG/BYOC competition license class and May 13 for Dragster Adventure

The Strip at Las Vegas SC/SG/BYOC competition license classes: May 17-18; October 10-11

The Strip at Las Vegas Dragster Adventure dates: October 12, October 13

Route 66 Raceway: June 21-22 for the SC/SG/BYOC competition license class and June 23 & June 24 for the Dragster Adventure

Woodburn Dragstrip: June 29-30 for the SC/SG/BYOC competition license class and July 1(sold out) and July 2 for the Dragster Adventure

Summit Motorsports Park: July 17-18 for the SC/SG/BYOC competition license class and July 20 for the Dragster Adventure

Maple Grove Raceway: August 15-16 for the SC/SG/BYOC competition license class and August 17 & August 18 for the Dragster Adventure

Heartland Park:  September 6-7 for the SC/SG/BYOC competition license class and September 9 for the Dragster Adventure

Tri-State Raceway:  September 16 for the Dragster Adventure

Contact Paul Shields at 866-480-7223 x102, 904-472-6312 c,

Contact Jeff Arend at 866-480-7223 x103, 909-973-8279 c,


We are very grateful for all the friendships and relationships we have made in the past and we look forward to making many more!  Thank you for your support and patronage!  We wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Merry Christmas from Frank, Lana, and our team!

Luke 2:9-11 – And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them…And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.


**Christmas card art by Jim Brando


Please check our website for a class near you!

force-corporate-dayFrank Hawley’s Drag Racing School is back at ‘The Strip’ in Las Vegas starting May of 2017!

The world’s most successful and popular Drag School will offer a full slate of classes including NHRA Super Comp and Super Gas licensing courses and its popular Adventure Dragster program featuring “side-by-side” racing.

“We’ll be starting our West Coast tour at Tucson Dragway in April, then we’re at our second home of Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, CA.  After that, it’s on to Vegas,” said Hawley.

“We’re excited to begin classes again at The Strip in Las Vegas,” said Hawley.  “It’s been a few years since we offered classes at the popular facility and we can’t wait to get started.  Our first classes will be in May of 2017.”  “Adding Vegas back on our west coast schedule gives our customers even more opportunity to add their names to the tremendous list of graduates of Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School.”

The two-day Super Class allows drivers of all backgrounds the opportunity to earn their NHRA competition driver’s license in the school’s Chevy Performance 572/720R equipped Super Comp Dragsters or Super Gas Firebirds.  For drivers that already have their own car, the school offers a “bring your own car” program that gives drivers the opportunity to enjoy the same driving course behind the wheel of their own race car.  No experience is necessary to take the course.

In addition to on-track time, students will learn from Frank’s classroom sessions which cover the physiology of how the mind and body work together.  Participants will learn how to mentally prepare, perform at the highest level, improve focus and block out distractions.  Frank teaches how to practice more effectively, feel more confident about pulling up to the starting line and he shares techniques on how to remove the emotional baggage (everybody has some) that can often disrupt good performance.

For those that are simply looking for the thrill of blasting down the quarter mile, the Dragster Adventure in Las Vegas starts atphoto 1 just $499 for the half day program, or $699 for the whole day program with SIDE-BY-SIDE racing.

Seats are limited and advance registration is required, so call now to reserve your seat for the May 17-18 or October 10-11 Las Vegas competition course, or book on-line for the Las Vegas Dragster Adventure on October 12 or October 13.

For additional information, please call Paul Shields or Jeff Arend at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, 866-480-7223, or visit our  website for additional class dates and locations at

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Paul Shields,, 866-480-7223 x102

Jeff Arend,, 866-480-7223 x103

Thank you from thanksgiving-2016Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School!  It is because of you and your support that we are able to do what we do! We thank you for your patronage at our programs, and for your kind words and referrals!

Blessings to you and yours at Thanksgiving and throughout the coming year!

From Frank & Lana Hawley and the entire crew!


By Brandon W. Mudd

Part of what makes a business successful is experience. Another part is the quality of people who support that business. Frank Hawley is a two-time NHRA Funny Car champion, one of the sport’s 50 img_8060Greatest Drivers, and, for more than 30 years, the owner and lead instructor at the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School, so the experience is a no-brainer.

And the support? Well, when companies like Summit Racing Equipment spend year after year supporting the school, it’s obvious Hawley has built a credible empire based on results and customer satisfaction, both for racers and marketing partners.

Jim Greenleaf, the motorsports and events manager for Summit, said the school has provided his organization the ability to reach out to new groups and new clients.

“We were on board with Frank before I was in this position,” he said. “I’ve been with the company 20 years, so in the eight years I have been in this capacity, we’d already started a relationship with the school and Frank.

“Obviously, the main reason to get involved is because of what Frank’s doing, whether he’s teaching somebody who is looking to improve their skills or somebody who is new to the sport. There are opportunities there for us to help us reach that racer and to be a partner with them going forward in their racing career.”

“We have been with Summit for a long time. Summit has supported our sport for many years at both a Sportsman and a Professional level.  I think our customers, the racers and enthusiasts have come to rely on Summit as the source for performance parts.  I know that my staff uses them on a regular basis.  It’s one stop shopping, with great service and great prices,” said Hawley.

img_0070Greenleaf said Summit Racing Equipment maintains its relationship with Hawley and the driving school due to both the programs the former drag racing champion provides for students and Hawley’s abilities to teach and motivate.

“I know folks that have been involved and are very impressed with the program that he runs,” Greenleaf said. “Again, it’s a top-notch program from the quality of the cars to Frank as a speaker and a motivator.”

When many think of the NHRA, they think of the Mello Yello Series and its Pro drivers. While Summit supports drivers such as Pro Stock champions Greg Anderson and Jason Line and Funny Car driver Tim Wilkerson, the company’s bread and butter comes from the Sportsman ranks.

Hobby racers and part-time drivers who have full-time jobs outside the sport are the ones Summit Racing Equipment wants to reach the most. Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School gives them that opportunity.

“It’s a local guy who is home working on his car in the garage, in the shop,” Greenleaf said. “It’s the guy that can go out and race on any given weekend. Whether it’s his daily driver or whether it’s a purpose-built race car, there really is no other form of motorsports that allows the participant to do that, to get involved at such an entry level, without a huge investment necessarily and that’s really our customer base, it’s that do-it-yourself racer.”

And to Jim Greenleaf and many other automotive industry representatives, Hawley and the school is a great way to reach those drivers. Regardless of whether it’s someone looking for a couple days of fun in a race car or someone looking to follow in Frank’s championship footsteps, Summit knows the school is a capable method of reaching a new customer base.

“Frank is kind of the next step,” Greenleaf said. “As they want to improve, they go to see Frank and obviously we want to be a part of that as they grow in the sport.”

Contact the School at 866-480-7223 for information on any of their programs, class dates & locations and also visit their website at  Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram!



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