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Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School Stable of Cars Breathe Easier with K&N Engineering

Much like the tens of thousands of national, regional and local sportsman racers, all across the U.S., Canada and beyond, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School continually demands a lot out of their equipment from one pass down the track to the next.  To help ensure consistency and peak performance, Frank Hawley and his staff are no different than the countless number of national, divisional and bracket champions, many of which got their start at the school; in that they are all quite selective when choosing the products they depend on to get the job done.

A major part of reliability, whether it’s street or strip, comes from a good maintenance program and that includes taking into account what needs to be done to properly protect an engine.  For many years, Frank Hawley has chosen the full line of K&N air and oil filters to handle that task for the school cars.

“We strive for each class to provide the same experience from one driver to the next, so it’s imperative that our Chevy Performance 572 engines stay in good form and part of achieving that is using K&N oil and air filters,” said Hawley. “The wrench-off filters are easier for the guys to take off and they don’t collapse.  We all know that the only two things we want going through those carburetors is our Dragon Racing Fuel and clean air.  One little rock or piece of debris can not only do a lot of damage, but it’s not a setback that we want during any of our classes.  The high-flowing K&N rechargeable air filters take care of ever having that sort of problem to deal with.”

Recently, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School added some products from one of K&N’s newer lines to their Super Class cars, the composite scoops.  The school dragsters were fitted with the 2nd Generation K&N scoop that comes with its own tray and K&N filter and while Hawley has been very pleased with the new K&N dragster scoops, it just may be the unexpected added benefit of the new K&N scoop on the school’s Super Gas car that, from an instructor’s stand point, has delighted him the most.

“Once we put the new K&N scoop on one of the Firebirds, I was pleasantly surprised how much the driver’s field of vision was broadened and that’s a very important point to note when a driver needs as much clear visibility as possible for going through their starting line procedure and being able to line up straight when staging,” explained Hawley. “The shape and design of all the new K&N scoops we installed on the cars get a lot of air in and they also seem to have a much better directional flow than other ones we have used.”

“We continue to enjoy our ongoing relationship with Frank and his school,” said Bob Harris, Series and Track Support Manager/Sports Marketing for K&N Engineering.  “We were very excited to get these scoops put to use on the school cars.  We know they are seen in many locations all over the country, by numerous racers of all levels.  K&N looks forward to the continued feedback in regards to all of our products that are put through the paces at the school.  It’s all a part of our goal to continue to produce and manufacturer the highest quality products available anywhere.”

photo 7“K&N replacement air filters and air intakes also supply us with better fuel mileage, power and performance for our the school’s fleet of tow vehicles,” Hawley pointed out. “Who wouldn’t want more power and especially better mileage with today’s fuel prices? These bolt-on products from K&N can quickly start paying for themselves.”

Again for 2012, K&N has joined the many other manufacturers that offer special discounts and more for new graduates of Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School.  More details on the graduate offer from K&N and other participating companies can be found by visiting –

Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School – Graduate Spotlight

Vol. 1/Edition 3





2007 Super Class Grad, Tim Miletti of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin is making some big changes for his 2012 season. “I have put my 70 Camaro 25.2 car up for sale that we ran a best of 7.38 1/4 at 190mph. We also won Best Engineered with that car in 2009 at the NMCA Superbowl in Joliet, Illinois.

“Starting this year, I have purchased a Jerry Bickel 2010 ‘68 Camaro Pro Mod and hope to test very soon.  I will continue to run a nitrous setup and not jump into the turbo or pro charger game.  I like seeing a nitrous car beat those guys,” he laughed.  “I plan on running the NMCA Pro Street class this season at select events and as well as with the Chicago Wiseguys, which is a group that run at my home track,  the legendary Great Lakes Dragway, in Union Grove, Wisconsin.”

“I truly enjoyed Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School and I look forward to sitting in on some classes in the future,” he added.






Mike and Dee Stevens, who hail from  Thunderbolt, Georgia, have a very busy 2012 race season ahead of them.  Mike first participated in a Super Class at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing school in 1993. Mike returned to Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School in 2009 to cross grade his NHRA license and this trip his wife Dee joined in on the fun, earning her NHRA Super Comp license in the process.

After selling their individual dragsters a couple of years ago, the duo recently  finished up their new American dragster and were able to take it out a few times last year. “With both Dee and myself driving, we tested the car and it made runs in the mid 4.80’s @ 143, in preparation for 2012.  Oakley Motorsports built a new engine for the car which is an all-aluminum 615″ BBF.  On the dyno, it showed 1123 HP and 930 ft/lbs of torque. We have plans to run some fast bracket races, like the Jegs Super Quick series and maybe some NHRA/IHRA Top Dragster events. So we may have to visit the school again so we can upgrade our 4A NHRA license to 3A for both of us!”













Northern Florida resident and 2009 Super Class grad, Bill Rodda was not new to the sport and had actually been drag racing since 1969. “I raced Super Gas for years and then took a break in 2005.  In 2009, I decided to get back into the sport only this time in Super Comp.  My decision to take Frank’s course to get my license, instead of the good ole’ way, was a wise one.  I’ve spent thousands and thousands on high-tech parts to make my car as reliable and repeatable as possible, yet I had spent next to nothing on the one part that can wind up losing me the most rounds and that was me,” he stated. Well, Frank’s course was money well spent. The portion of Frank’s class which he taught us the mental aspect was most beneficial for me.  His teachings simplified my thinking, cleared out my “attic” at game time and has made my starting line performance as reliable as the car under me.”

Rodda has been progressively busier racing each season since his 2009 Hawley class and obtaining his Super Comp license. He competed in two NHRA Div. events in 2009, four in 2010 plus the GatorNationals and I will be sawing away at it again in 2012.

“The confidence gained, in no small part, from Frank’s teaching is now one of my most potent weapons on race day.  Now, win or lose, it’s always a dog fight, no matter how tough the opponent,” he explained.  “Frank’s school helped get me there.  I really appreciate his sharing of his considerable knowledge and would recommend the school to anyone who wishes to learn or improve, no matter the category.”

Frank Hawley’s Spring Las Vegas Super Classes Graduate Thirty Diverse Drivers

The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is always a very popular location for Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School’s highly celebrated Super Class. The first stop at the exquisite facility for the drag racing school was full of a group of assorted students of all ages, backgrounds and racing experience.

Taking part in the first of two spring Las Vegas classes, Spanaway, Washington resident Jim Denison chose to drive one of the school’s Super Gas cars.  “I have been a fan of drag racing for years and wanted to go to the school for some time, actually for over twelve years.  Finally, the opportunity presented itself and my wife Katie decided it was a good time for me to go.  I have been in the Army as a mechanic for twenty years and look forward to building a life in drag racing after I retire.  I like to call going to the Frank’s school the first step in my new life.  At the time I attended, my only real drag racing experience was helping my daughter run a JR Dragster for the last 8 years.”

“The class was awesome,” Denison exclaimed. “I went there thinking the driving was going to be the best part but I found the classroom portion to be just as interesting with all the topics that Frank covered.  I would have to say that I am going to recommend this class to everyone I know.”

Denison is currently building a back half Camaro that he hopes to campaign as well as looking acquiring a Super Comp Dragster. “I went to the school thinking I was going to become a better drag racer but I honestly feel that I left the school a better person.  A lot of the classroom lessons were very motivational and can be used in all aspects of life, not just racing.  I would like to thank Frank for the awesome instruction. I know that my daughter will be attending Frank’s class to achieve her Super Comp license soon and get some very good life lessons from an outstanding teacher!”

Bob Fenton, who is a physician and professional pilot, attended during the second class and also drove in hopes of acquiring his Super Gas License.  “When I was a teenager, I was active in drag racing having built my own car.  After many years of following the sport on the periphery and having a desire to join the 9 second club, this course offered me the perfect opportunity to pursue this dream.”

While Fenton works for a Fortune 50 company as a pilot and has flown the fastest corporate jets in commercial aviation, he confesses that he personally had a few surprises.  “I found the simplest of actions to be most difficult.  Lining the car up in the lane and aiming it in the right direction was far more difficult than I anticipated.  Attention to the smallest details is far more important than first thought.

“The combination of the class, driving, and video critique following driving was a perfect way to solidify improvement of the racing experience,” Fenton continued.  “The cars performed well and it is hard for me to imagine what a 6 second run, needless to say 4 seconds, is like.  Frank has an unusual way of combining the racing experience with physiology and psychology.  When I signed up for the course, I had no idea that this was a course on the power of positive thinking or concentration and attention.  He is incredibly perceptive and observant, all of which enhanced what I got out of the experience.”

Seemingly more hooked on the sport of drag racing than before, Fenton is quick to point out his future plans to return to Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School.  “I would like to come back and take the advanced course and most certainly repeat the same experience in the dragster.  I also have a 1955 Chevy Nomad with a 502 CI engine and nitrous and now intend to race the car.”

In addition to the Las Vegas Super Classes, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School offers classes throughout the year and across the U.S.  For complete details on this course and all offerings, dates and locations, contact Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School by calling 866-480-7223 [Outside the U.S. 678-804-8835], online Also look for the school on Facebook and YouTube.

Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School Enjoys All Aspects of “The Jiffy-tite Advantage”

Whether you are at the track racing yourself or conducting a drag racing school class, situations arise in which time is of the essence and when you need to make a quick repair or swap that involves disconnecting and reconnecting hose and fittings, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School has found time and again that Jiffy-tite fittings are worth their weight in gold.

Jiffy-tite’s revolutionary Quick Connect Fluid Fittings provide unsurpassed performance under extreme racing conditions. Made of lightweight, 6061-T6 aluminum, brass valves, and stainless steel ball bearings, they are corrosion resistant for extra-long life.  Jiffy-tite quick-connect fluid fittings are reliable and durable.  Tested and race-proven to be leak proof at up to 200 psi.

“We have been using the products for a long time,” said Frank Hawley. “When we do maintenance on our race cars, whether it is fuel systems or transmissions, time is always critical and the faster we can get something apart and replaced or serviced, and back into service the better it is for everybody.  We have found over the years that Jiffy-tite products just flat save time.  They are strong and reliable parts that even look good and I can’t even imagine not having them on our cars.”

“When we work with race teams the most important question we ask pertains to the type of fuel being used,” said Duane LaFleur, Jiffy-tite Company, Inc. Motorsports Manager.   “Our product comes standard with a Viton Fluorocarbon seal which is compatible with fuels except Alcohol and Nitro Methane.  We suggest a Buna Nitrile seal for Alcohol and EPDM for Nitro methane.  Besides the type of fuel being used our standard Viton Fluorocarbon seals will work with most water, oil, and transmission applications.  Jiffy-tite quick connect fittings can be used in just about every location on your vehicle.”


“Jiffy-tite has worked with FHDRS for the past 6 years and has a great relationship with Frank and his entire staff,” LaFleur continued.  “The entire operation is top notch and we at Jiffy-tite enjoy surrounding ourselves with quality people.  With the number of runs that are put on these class cars at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, the information and feedback we get is very helpful.  The school is working on these cars day in and day out connecting and dis-connecting over and over and for our connectors to withstand this type of environment goes to show the quality of our products.   We are then able to pass along this type of quality products to our customers.”

“Probably the one thing that the guys just love about the Jiffy-tite fittings would be when they need to work on the transmissions and when you disconnect the hoses, the fluid doesn’t leak out all over the place,” Hawley pointed out.  “Jiffy-tite fittings save us time and help keep the school cars and shop much cleaner when we need to do our maintenance. “

For more information on Jiffy-tite Quick Connect Fluid Fittings visit, call 888-605-7788 or visit their new Facebook page –

For more information this and all available classes and locations visit or call 866-480-7223 [Outside the U.S. 678-804-8835] Also on Facebook and YouTube.

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